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The logo you see on the left consists of four artistically juxtaposed Chinese characters for the word 'love' in various typefaces. It is intended to signify a 'network' of resources in the service of aiding good sex.


Do you need help with a sexual problem? Do you need an answer to a difficult question about sex? Do you not have convenient access to a trusted professional sex counsellor?

Help is now available on the Internet. Trusted top-tier help from a world-renowned medical professional.


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Dr. Frank G. Sommers writes:

Dear Visitor,

As the Medical Director of this service, I am pleased to welcome you here.

Having helped thousands of men, women, and couples over three decades from all over the world with their sexual problems, this project is dedicated to offering a measure of help to the many who are suffering, often in silence.

In my clinic, I have heard numerous times how difficult it is for people in many parts of the world to obtain effective help for their sexual problems. Added to this is the intensely private nature of these concerns, and the possibility of even shame or guilt associated with attempts to get competent help.

Moreover, training of doctors in effective, modern methods of treating sexual problems is still lacking in many, if not most, medical educational programs.

The above concerns inspire us to make our knowledge and experience available far and wide to those of you who are finding it difficult to readily obtain help for your sexual life.

Of course, it would be preferable if I could meet each of you personally and deliver this assistance in the same careful, effective, professional way as I have been doing in my clinic for many years.

Since clearly this is not possible for everyone in need of help, this marvellous modern technology in the service of providing information and relieving distress seems, though second best, appropriate.

Keeping in mind these limitations, and the general advice that it's always preferable to get competent, well-qualified professional help in person, we welcome your electronic visit assuring you of our utmost respect for your privacy, and strong interest in your well being in this vital area of your intimate, sexual life.

With every good wish,

Dr. Frank Sommers, M.D., FRCPC
Medical Director