An issue with retarded ejaculation

D.M. asks:

I am 51 years old and have suffered from retarded ejaculation since I was in my 20’s. I have been married for 15 years and until last spring the marriage was sexless because of my problem. Last year I began to see a psychiatrist and a sex therapist. The sex therapist managed to get my wife and I to be intimate again but I still could not ejaculate and we have all but given up trying, and so has my sex therapist. All of this has made me very depressed and has been very difficult on my marriage. I am desperate to get some help with this. Are you in practice now and are you taking on any new patients? If not, can you recommend a therapist who has experience with retarded ejaculation? Most I have talked to either have never treated it or have had little success when they have tried. Thank you.

Dr. Sommers responds:

Dear D.M.,

Unfortunately you are dealing with one of the more complex problems. However, it’s not hopeless, and with the right approach and perseverance it has been overcome by many. If you wish to be seen as a patient, you should get your current therapist’s agreement, and if possible, a referral here. This assessment session would be needed to more accurately advise you as to treatment and prognosis.

With every good wish,
Frank Sommers, M.D.

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