I’ve started watching a new series on CBS called “Swingtown” about the sexual swinging lifestyle of the 1970s. It’s interesting to examine that world, especially during the decade of emerging sexual freedom in America. I find the show a little uncomfortable to watch because I grew up in the 1970s, and those times were rather weird. I feel a little embarrassed. It’s hard to feel nostalgic about disco, bell bottoms, free sex, Deep Throat, etc.

Canadian actress Molly Parker plays the lead role and she is wonderful. My first real appreciation of her talent was in the 2001 film, “The Center of the World,” where she played a sex trade worker. She was incredibly hot, and this is quite an achievement since I don’t consider her a particularly attractive female. And, yes, it helped that she was totally nude in the film.

I don’t know whether this new series has legs. It may well disappear before the fall. But I’ll continue to follow it while it lasts.


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