Sex and God: Is Religion Twisted?

Although I am not strictly a “humanist” (I am, after all, a spiritual person), I found the following article very enlightening:

Western religions have a real bee in the bonnet about sexuality. They’ll rationalize their attacks on the basis of Scriptural writings, claims that God prescribes an exacting application of sex in your daily lives. I don’t buy it. As a spiritual person, I question the validity of this Western definition of God. Why can’t God be defined without such strictures on lovemaking, as they do in the East?

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1 thought on “Sex and God: Is Religion Twisted?”

  1. Here’s a basic and vitally important question that I doubt the Church has a reasonable answer for:

    Christianity teaches that sex outside of marriage is a sin. However, many people in our society choose not to get married. Not all people are suited for marriage.

    What are these people supposed to do for their entire lives? Abstain from sex? Is this even remotely a sane request?

    This is the fundamental flaw in the Bible’s interpretation. The Church has no business dictating our sexual behaviour.

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