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  1. One of the user reviews for Dr. Klein’s book said something thought-provoking:

    Finally, nowhere in the 230 pages is there any mention of prostitution laws. Indeed prostitution, call girls, massage parlors don’t even show up in the index. If laws banning the sale of sex toys deserve prominent coverage, one would think that laws against prostitution would at least earn an honorable mention. Unless one subscribes to the concept that the war on prostitutes is acceptable, that is. 

    I don’t know the reason prostitution is left out, but it shouldn’t have been. Surely, if the phrase, “your body, your choice” means anything, it gives you the right to use your god-given body as an asset to put a roof over your head and food on your table no different from a laborer, doctor, or sports star. But, beyond that, laws against prostitution sadistically deny one of humanity’s most pleasurable and intimate communions to a class of people who are only likely to experience it through the services of a prostitute. That would include many handicapped people, those who have been maimed by war or accidents, those with serious birth defects, the home bound, the bed-ridden, and the just plain ugly (such as myself). If that doesn’t deserve mention as part of America’s War on Sex, then nothing does.

    It never occurred to me but prostitution really does provide a valuable service. I personally know several people who may never experience the joys of sex because of their infirmity or handicap.

    And, yes, prostitution also provides a valuable means of self-support. Perhaps Dr. Klein felt that this topic was a bit too touchy to include in his book.

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