Case Example: Meeting Sexual Needs

Doug and Sandra are a hard-working couple in their late 30s. They met in high school and married shortly after she turned 20. Soon, two children came on the scene and they immersed themselves in the usual preoccupation of young couples, such as building a home, settling into jobs, and looking after children. Predictably, their previously exciting sexual life went down the drain. Continue reading “Case Example: Meeting Sexual Needs”


The Roman statesman/philosopher Seneca wrote:

our forefathers…lived every jot as well as we, when they provided and dressed their own meat with their own hands, lodged upon the ground and were not yet come to the vanity of gold and gems…which may serve to show us, that it is the mind, and not the sum, that makes any person rich… No one can be poor that has enough, nor rich, that covets more than he has.

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