The Roman statesman/philosopher Seneca wrote:

our forefathers…lived every jot as well as we, when they provided and dressed their own meat with their own hands, lodged upon the ground and were not yet come to the vanity of gold and gems…which may serve to show us, that it is the mind, and not the sum, that makes any person rich… No one can be poor that has enough, nor rich, that covets more than he has.

Why are we so obsessed with luxuries? Why do we salivate over Ferraris and Porsches? What is the great attraction of iPods and PSPs?

Why do we lust after homes in the Hamptons? And feel despondent when we don’t win the lottery jackpot?

It is human nature to covet our neighbour’s possessions. The grass is always greener on the other side. But somehow I can’t help feeling that we failed to learn proper life lessons if we do not place the acquisition of wealth within the proper perspective.

It is not wrong to enjoy a fine vehicle, a fine wine, or a fine big screen TV. But to give such acquisitions anything more than a passing thought is to miss the point of human existence, which is to help each other realize our potentials in this world.

No man is an island. But more than that, we are all interconnected. For example, when we ignore what’s happening to our youths, the issue comes back to bite us in the ass in the form of random gun violence. When we bury our heads in the sand and dismiss the suffering and frustration at the other side of the world, we are rewarded with terrorism and revenge.

When we only look after “our own personal interests” and forget that our fellow man is absolutely deserving of our help and attention, we poison ourselves, and society is the worse off for it. Such is the state of the world we live in today…

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