A Parable

A bunch of people were stranded on an island (like in “Lost”). Seven of them were Asians, and one was an American. Once they landed, they had to divvy up jobs for everybody. One Asian was given the job of fishing. Another was given the job of hunting, Yet another was told to gather firewood, and so on. The American was assigned the job of eating.

At the end of each day, the Asians would gather around the fire and create a magnificent feast. The American would sit down and eat it.

But he wouldn’t eat all of it. He’d leave enough scraps to feed the Asians so that they could continue fishing and hunting and doing all the other jobs the next day, and providing another feast for the American to eat. Economists would argue that the American was vital to the island economy, for without him, nobody would have to fish, nobody would have to hunt, nobody would have to gather firewood. He was creating all this employment on the island.

Eventually, however, the Asians realized that their lot in life would be dramatically improved if they kicked the American off the island. Because now they’d have a whole lot more to eat, or they wouldn’t have to be working so much.

The American found himself floating on a raft out at sea, wondering how those ingrates managed to throw him off the island. After all, he was packing a Smith & Wesson Model 500 .50-Caliber Magnum revolver…

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