Katie Morgan

In my opinion, porn star Katie Morgan is the most outstanding proponent of Good Sex in the world. She has starred in several HBO specials that promote a very sex-positive message: Sex is nothing to be ashamed of. It is healthy. It is wonderful. Adult entertainment (otherwise known by the more derogatory term “pornography”) is a celebration of sexuality. Masturbation is healthy and good.

With her perky and effervescent personality, she charms you into feeling comfortable with the subject material. There is a palpable authenticity about her. She’s very comfortable in her own skin. (This is more than speaking figuratively — as host, Katie appears totally nude in these HBO specials.)

The HBO specials are:

1. Katie Morgan on Sex Toys
2. Katie Morgan’s Porn 101
3. Katie Morgan’s Sex Tips: Questions, Anyone?
4. Katie Morgan’s Sex Tips 2: Any More Questions?

    I highly recommend them. Look for these shows on cable television. Request that HBO re-air them.

    (This opinion belongs solely to the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Good Sex Network.)