Great Sex!
One of the Best Sex Therapy Videos Ever!

          In its own forceful way, Nature has lately been advising us to slow our quest for more new sex relationships and pursue the safer course of trying harder at the ones we have.

That's probably why so many people are now turning to 'self-help' sex videos -- they want to open what they think will be an illuminating window into the success techniques of others.  Instead, they often find something they aren't looking for.

The dramatized scenes, with professional actors can be difficult to live up to and the false claims of guaranteed perfect sex can be disappointing and psychologically distressing, if not damaging.

That fact is, reputable, realistic self-help sex videos are not easy to come by.

Here, Only Real Couples Couple, Just True Lovers Love.

There is, fortunately, an honest and effective alternative.  The Great Sex Video Series was developed by Frank Sommers, M.D., a practising Canadian psychiatrist and sex therapist, to assist his professional colleagues in treating their clients.

The Great Sex Video Series is necessarily fully explicit and wide ranging, but not offensive, as it presents to you actual couples and average people -- lovers wishing only to share with you the rewards of their commitment ot each other.

Beautifully lit and shot by experienced film-makers, the Great Sex Video Series offers an exciting and truly involving, yet wholly non-threatening experience.

"... sexual stimulation techniques clearly illustrated." 

"... scenes portrayed are quite stimulating and erotic." 

Journal of Sex Education & Therapy

Maclean's (Canada's leading news magazine) was surprised to discover that adult sex education videos were given birth in Toronto by Frank Sommers, M.D., a leading psychiatrist and sexologist, back in 1977.

"Dr. Sommers paces the sex slowly, using sound tracks of soft classical music and lovers who are couples in real life.  The result is so steamy that those who watch the video alone might feel the need for a quick cold shower." 

Dr. Sommers' "Great Sex Series is easily the most sophisticated product on the how-to market" (Maclean's Oct 3/94).  These videos are in wide use by numerous clinics, hospitals and universities, and since their recent release to the public, by thousands of satisfied men, women and couples.

Vol. 1 (30 min.): Taking Time To Feel- Teaches warmth, serenity, and higher sensuality.  A real couple married 14 years.  ($19.95) 

Vol. 2 (45 min.): Mutuality - Advanced Techniques of uninhibited love play, including oral love and fantasy.  Indoors and out.  ($24.95) 

Vol. 3 (75 min.): Sexual Pleasures - A real couple's sizzling lovemaking.  Plus fun 'show and tell' exercises for common sexual problems.  Also, a single woman teaching herself to orgasm.  ($29.95) 

Vol. 4 (70 min.): Enjoyable Lovemaking - Guide to sexual intercourse, oral sex, masturbation, and control of premature ejaculation.  Filmed in Europe.  ($29.95) 

All prices in Canadian dollars 
Programs are restricted to adults age 18 or over.

Parts of The Great Sex Video Series have been featured on CBC, CTV, and HBO.
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Some comments received from the general public: 
"I viewed your 'Sexual Pleasures' video and found it excellent, sensitive and in good taste to the point of being beautiful and enchanting. Wish Dr. Sommers, who presented his professional work so clearly and sensitively lived here on the west coast!" 
John D., Salt Spring Island BC

"I recently purchased one of your videos from the Great Sex Series and was most impressed with both the quality of the product and your approach to sex therapy" 

Emmett G., Windsor ON

"We enjoy the 'Great Sex Video' very much. It helped us. Please send me a list of your other videos." 

Paul B., Bathurst NB

"We have found your video excellent and most helpful." 

Sarah K., Mississauga ON

Some of the comments received from professional therapists:
"I liked your film very much... the permission given to fantasize. It is completely non-pejorative... I also like the de-emphasis on orgasm and the very good masturbation sequence. Congratulations!" 
Wardell B. Pomeroy, Ph.D., ACS., ABS. 
Dean Emeritus, San Francisco

 "There is an intelligent and sensitive commentary by Dr. Sommers which emphasizes the points of importance for someone interested in improving their sexual experience." 

Joshua Golden, M.D. 
Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, Los Angeles
"Good information for couples... The female masturbation component is the most erotic I've seen ... sex is loving and love can be expressed sexually." 
Jeanne Shaw, Ph.D. 
Psychologist & Sex Therapist, Atlanta

 "The video is a valuable resource...The couple insightfully demonstrate the qualities of loving sex, and the masturbation segment is particularly sensitive, beautiful, self-affirming." 

Carol Rinkleib Ellison, Ph.D. 
Clinical Psychologist, San Francisco

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