(46 minutes)

Part 1: Susan and David

A couple, in their 40's are shown having a playful picnic in the country.  After a sensual meal, we see them indoors making love in a variety of uninhibited ways, deeply caring for each other.  One can feel the comfort in their passion, and admire their responsiveness to one another.

This is a loving celebration of unrepressed, playful human sexuality.

In a unique follow-up interview, Susan and David reveal their feelings about making this film, their sexuality, work life, and their motivations for sharing this intimate part of themselves.

Part 2: Oral Love

This film provides a sustained look at fellatio and cunnilingus.  Notable for its clarity and straightforwardness, it is technically instructive, further documenting the emotional bond in which two adults responsively give of themselves to each other and are rewarded in the process.

Part 3: Self Pleasuring

This film highlights the importance of being comfortable within oneself, and feeling good about giving pleasure to oneself.  When masturbation is watched by one's partner, desire is often kindled, or re-enforced.  Here, David and Susan start out solo, but end up loving together, when the time is right for sharing.

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