Sexual Pleasures

(75 minutes)

Become a fulfilled, exciting and sensitive lover by letting the Great Sex Video Series guide you towards reaching your fullest sexual potential.

This video, with a beautiful blend of love and sex, explicitly demonstrates real people's erotic experiences.  Enjoy them alone or with your partner as you watch real people making love.

Part 1: Real People Making Real Love

A couple in their 20's who have been together for six years, show how they make their sex life exciting and keep it alive.  They share their creative lovemaking style, incorporating oral, fantasy, and positional variations.  They then demonstrate the sexological exam, exercises for premature ejaculation, and a method of quiet relaxed intercourse.  Safe sex practices are illustrated.

Part 2: One Woman's Sexuality

Karen, a very beautiful young woman, is temporarily without her partner, and reveals fully how she finds deep pleasure on her own, thus satisfying her sexual needs in a responsible, safe, yet very erotic manner.

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