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5 Easy Steps to Stress Relief & Weight Management

By Frank G. Sommers, MD
Fellow, Royal College of Physicians of Canada
Distinguished Fellow, American Psychiatric Association

Stress in the Modern World

We live in a world of constant stress. Stress from work; stress from home. Stress over finances. Stress over relationships. We have stress over the fear of terrorism, environmental disaster, political turmoil, etc. All of this stress contributes to over-eating, smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, road rage, physical disease, sexual dysfunction, and a myriad of other psychological ills. It is a sign of the times and a very unfortunate attribute of modern life.

Dr. Frank Sommers has the solution, a powerful prescription that has been field-tested for over 35 years in his practice as a renowned psychiatrist and therapist. This relaxation protocol is fully revealed and explained in the booklet entitled, "Lose Weight, Stop Stress and Make Better Love – 5 Easy Steps by Training Your Brain."

Associated with Dr. Frank's prescription is a set of related audio programs containing instructions on how to relax. They can be purchased and downloaded here.

Mobile apps are now available in the App Store and Google Play which help you apply the 5 Easy Steps to Stress Relief.

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